Show Book Cover Contest

Exhibitors, show us your creative talents. Your design may be selected to be the show book cover for next year.  Follow the guidelines below:

  1. Entrants must meet general rule requirements as to age, residency, or club.
  2. One entry per exhibitor.
  3. Design is to fit on a regular size piece of paper, vertical format. (11” Tall x 8.5” Wide)
  4. Design has to be able to be printed in black or gray scale.
  5. The following is required: please contact a board member for more info:
  6. The year of the show
  7. Name of the Show: Missaukee Agricultural Youth Show
  8. Dates
  9. Final deadline for entry is 8:00 PM on the Monday of the fair, for next years book.
  10. Entries must have a card attached that lists: Exhibitors Name, Age, Address and Phone.
  11. Exhibitors must sign a media release when they enter the contest.
  12. The Youth Show board reserves the right to not choose any of the entries if: quality, printing or special circumstances occur that require reconsideration.
  13. The work must be original – No copyright material!

*Entries will be on display in Show Office during the week of the show.

Award: 1st place $10.00