Sweepstakes Showmanship

The top exhibitor from each animal department will compete in this Showmanship Contest. The contest is divided into two competitions; Large Animal and Small Animal.

Large Animals are: Dairy, Market Cattle, Feeder Calves, Sheep, Swine and Horses. Small Animals are: Goats, Poultry, Rabbits, and Dogs.

The representatives from each of these departments will complete a showmanship class for every species except the one they are representing. During the showmanship class they will be asked questions about the species they are showing. The judges will then determine the Sweepstakes Showmanship Champion for each of these divisions and the winners will receive an awsome trophy.

Small Animal Sweepstakes – Wednesday at 2:00 PM

Large Animal Sweepstakes – Thursday at 2:30 PM

* Complete rules for exhibitors will be available in the office.